Serving 600,000 parents in Asia
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We want to be a better company to work for.

We don’t have swanky offices or a free supply of ice-cream, but we do believe in fostering a meaningful and progressive culture to make it a better place to work. This is a place where we all work together to improve people’s lives. Our clients put their trust in us to keep their families safe, and we all work together to keep that trust intact. Many of us at the company have grown to become more than just colleagues. We work hard together as a family, and we play hard together as friends. We help one another grow and become better at what we do.

Our Core Values


Doing what is right for our clients is at the heart of all our actions and decisions. We believe so strongly in this that we always demand integrity in the people we work with.

Drive for Excellence

We value people who have an innate drive for excellence in everything they do. This means doing things correctly the first time and on time every time.


We’re accountable to all our clients who have placed their trust in us, and to each other as a part of the Cordlife family. We take responsibility for our work and, to the greatest extent possible, correct any mistakes in a timely manner.


We’re stronger when we work together across disciplines and boundaries. Together, we cooperate, communicate, and collaborate so that, as a team, we can go above and beyond our clients’ needs.


We take the lead in getting the job done. We pledge to be agile, and to make decisions with our clients in mind. We strive to innovate and generate new ideas in order to achieve long-term growth.

Our Employee Value Proposition

We believe that delivering holistic and innovative healthcare solutions to families begins with fostering a progressive and meaningful work culture for our people.

People are our greatest asset.

We want to help you reach your career goals while you contribute to the success of the company. We accomplish this by providing high-potential employees with opportunities for growth and development. Over the years, many of our employees have advanced and taken on positions that allow them to contribute even more to the company.

Learn how some of our employees have advanced their career with Cordlife.

Slick Life at Cordlife

  • We're a dynamic bunch! If you care about the intangible side of things, you’ll love our collaborative culture, learning mindset, and the meaningful services we provide to families while adhering to sustainable practices.
    Chief Executive Officer, Cordlife Singapore
    Joined Cordlife in 2006
  • I’m grateful to my bosses for providing me with opportunities to learn and grow. I feel like my opinion is valued, and I always believe that at Cordlife, no one is too junior to make a difference as long as the ideas are sound and benefit the company.
    Senior Project Manager, Digital
    Joined Cordlife in 2012
  • Cordlife’s vision explains it all. We help people live healthier, happier, and longer. What could be better than working for an organisation that not only makes money but also strives to create a healthier society?
    Chief Operating Officer, Cordlife India
    Joined Cordlife in 2013
  • As I look forward to the future, I hope to leverage my expertise and passion for biobanking to drive innovation and expand our services to achieve more remarkable milestones with my team.
    Laboratory Director, Cordlife Hong Kong and HealthBaby
    Joined Cordlife in 2022

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