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Senior Project Manager, Digital
Joined Cordlife in 2012

How I found my calling at Cordlife

No matter where we work or what we do, we as Cordlifers all share the same vision: to respect one another and give our all to the company by fostering the right behaviours and commitments. In this episode of the employee story series, we sit down with Meliza to understand her career expectations and our shared desire for success at Cordlife.

What are your main responsibilities at Cordlife?

“My current position entails developing new technologies to support business needs as well as working with various regional teams to conceptualise, develop, and implement digital marketing strategies that help them grow their business. I also lead the corporate digital team to oversee the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the countries’ websites and digital applications.”

Indeed, Meliza’s role in the organisation is critical to driving continuous innovation through the discovery and implementation of new web technologies, digital strategies, and other emerging industry trends that may be beneficial to the organisation’s goals. This helps to ensure that Cordlife always has the right skills and systems in place to stay ahead of the curve and meet the new standards in today’s dynamic business landscape.  

What opportunities did the company provide for you to advance to your current position?

“I joined Cordlife back in 2012 as a web developer, and looking back, I’m grateful to my bosses for providing me with opportunities to learn and grow. I feel like my opinion is valued, and I always believe that at Cordlife, no one is too junior to make a difference as long as the ideas are sound and benefit the company.”

Meliza talks about how Cordlife has given her the freedom and trust to try out new technologies and methods for developing data before putting them into use in other countries. She believes this is how she honed and picked up a plethora of technical skills, which she then transferred to other countries to improve Cordlife’s workflow and business processes. 

Meliza's career path shows how Cordlife's people-centered and high-performance culture rewards employees who work hard to meet goals and makes them feel engaged with the company's mission and values. 

What is one benefit of working here that few people know about?

“I’m happy and motivated to work for Cordlife, which has a good HR culture and plenty of room for advancement. I’m able to focus on my core responsibilities while also devoting time to other interests.”

Cordlife has a number of policies in place that are good for employees and help them find a good balance between work and life. One of them is the change to a hybrid working arrangement, where their employees can choose to work in the office or virtually from home as long as they continue to be productive. 

Is there ever a time when you know you’ve made the right decision by choosing to work here?

“Whenever I have feedback or suggestions to improve the process gap, the management at Cordlife is open to listening to me and considering implementing them. I believe this helps my team members from different countries work more efficiently and effectively. I get a sense of satisfaction from my contributions to the company.”

Meliza appreciates how the management team at Cordlife values feedback from both customers and employees. This is important because it helps the company reinforce positive behaviour and attitudes, as well as allows teams to work more effectively toward their goals. 

Meliza also says that the company's diverse culture and her work with people from different countries helped her develop her cultural intelligence and improve her soft skills as a leader. She believes that everyone has something to teach her and that understanding other people’s perspectives has helped her make better decisions for herself and the business. 

Why should someone join Cordlife, and what advice do you have for them?

“If you want to maximise your potential and build a long-term career, Cordlife is definitely a company that has growth potential and innovation ingrained in our culture. Think about how you can contribute to help the company, and the company will do everything in its power to provide you with the resources you need to achieve your goals.” 

Cordlife places a high value on talent development and promotes a growth mindset in which employees can learn new skills to be the best they can be in the situation they are in. The company encourages its employees to constantly think outside the box to develop innovative solutions, and we respect each other for their contributions, where mutual accountability is always present. 

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